Quality Policy

Capris Engineering is committed to enhancing its customers’ success worldwide with products, services and responsiveness that set industry standards for quality and value. We relentlessly strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, by fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, responsibility, high expectations and open communications with employees, customers and suppliers

  • Capris Engineering understands the value of continual improvement – Setting goals and objectives throughout the  organization to ensure that we are meeting our customer (internal and external) expectations.
  • Capris Engineering ensures that the Quality Policy and associated procedures are understood by Capris Engineering employees through the introduction of the Quality Policy during the employee hiring and orientation processes and through the ongoing review of the goals, objectives and requirements that have been established.
  • Capris Engineering is committed to continual improvement of our suppliers – Setting goals to ensure the highest quality and value  to our customers.

ISO 9001 Compliance Statement

Capris Engineering  undergoes regular audits by third party ISO assessors, customers, suppliers, and employees (internal audits). The results of these continuous evaluations are utilized to improve and strengthen our current quality management system. This strong foundation based on quality to our customers goes back to the first Quality System that was implement in 1999.

There is no ceiling to the level of quality we can and will provide to our customers. We share the benefits of our ISO 9001 certification with our customers and take pride in our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.