Why to outsource our services?

Outsourcing can cut your costs and accelerate your schedule; No legal requirements or start-up funding needed for establishing a local OEM business or branch office.

  • You get immediate access to highly talented engineers without burdening your payroll over long periods of time.
  • Projects can be ramped up very quickly without long delays; local support can generally be established in 45 days or less.
  • When the contract is expired, you still have access to engineering support, but without paying for a full time engineering staff.
  • Local expertise, knowledge of foreign customs and business practices obtained quickly without learning curves
  • Provides professional customer service link between end user and manufacturer, most CE employees are bi-lingual (English and Spanish) There are many aspects to consider when you realize a need for good engineering talent. Outsourcing engineering services can be a good business decision as well as a good technical decision.